Frequently Asked Questions or "FAQ's"

ATTA is looking forward to an exciting 2015. There are many new ATTA sanctioned trail trials listed on our web site, we will be posting more trail trials as clubs and organizations firm up their dates and locations. Of course you do not have to attend every trail trial listed. Every trail trial that ATTA does sanction will count for our year end awards point program.

To qualify for ATTA 2015 year end awards program, you must do the follwing:
  1. Be an ATTA 2015 member
  2. Attend two sanctioned ATTA trail Trials

Does ATTA have any rules about what obstacles are at ATTA sanctioned events?
No, ATTA is a point keeping and awards program association. ATTA promotes the activities of trail riding and trail trials. The clubs and organizations that put on the Trail Trials that ATTA sanction each have their own rules.
If you have a question about an event's rules, please check with the individual trail trial ride secretary or manager for information. Contact information can be found on respective websites or listed under "contact" for the ride