Cowboy and Cowgirl Poetry


                         ME AND MY HORSE
                          BY JULIANNA L

                   I was walking down the field
                   Calling my horse's name
                   I felt like riding my horse
                   So I leaned over and petted her mane.

                   Sometimes I get a little mad.
                   But it is better to ride my horse and not be sad.
                   Horses are brown.
                   Horses are black.
                   But the way I ride my little horse
                   Nobody can imagine that.

                   You don't know what it's like.
                   Her and I never get into fights.
                   We like to go kinda slow.
                   When she's being a good girl,
                   I always really know.

                           TRAIL TRIALS
                            BY SANDY W

Trail trials have given me more than I can say............
I always look forward to that special time of day.........

When you catch your horse in the early morning sun
And say to your self so nervously,
I wish this day was over and done.

I took Smokey this year it was a first for him..........
We actually had to practice for a big win.

He is a great ranch horse and loves to rope cattle but
He did have to stop and think to win the trail trial battle...

Now I look back with my annual chuckle,
Hey honey, Smokey actually won two buckles!

                         BY SALLY J

Last spring a friend mentioned something called "trail trials."
She said, "It'll be fun" that I should load up and come along.
It's an up and comin' fad for horse people to get out and ride,
And I have a gentle ranch horse, so how could we go wrong?

My horse has done it all from riding' trails to working cattle,
He's been to parades, rodeos and some little back-yard shows.
I figured what have I got to loose, it's just a trail course,
And I'm out riding' with friends: I could win it, who knows?

It started getting' exciting' with the first step out of the trailer,
Brown's eyes were out on stems and bugged out of his head.
I guess he's never seen fluorescent cones and red balloons,
He was not impressed, his eyes rolled with the look of dread.

Next thing, a crazy lady on a gaited horse came a striding' on by,
The next horse traveled like a mix-master flinging gravel and sand.
She was wearn' shorts and boots and huge neckerchief,
And the spray of buckshot sounded like a one-man-band.

Brownie was already full of snorts and drippin' sweat,
When a little iron-wheeled covered wagon came a trottin' by,
Pulled by a team of mini-mules and sporting' the American flag,
By now Brown was cocked and loaded and aimed to fly.

I thought if I could just get out onto the trail course,
My horse would relax and his day might start getting better,
The first obstacle was a mailbox with caution tape and bells,
So Brown and I launched by and tried to air mail our letter.

We headed down toward the lake along the sandy shore,
Brown was good with water so we were now motatin' at last.
But wrong again, we ended up skippin' that one completely,
Who knew that goose decoys eat brown horses for breakfast?

My horses have always been what I call "slicker broke"
But upon careful examination, those yellow slickers in trees,
Are in reality the dreaded ghosts of dead horse-thieves?
So we left 'em hangin' by their necks in the high desert breeze.

Then we came upon a truly nightmarish sight to behold,
A scary blue plastic tarp lurked in a heap on the ground.
It lined a pool-shaped indentation filled with murky water,
And little yellow duckies were in there swimming all around.

I could read Brown's mind when he questioned my intentions,
"you are askin' me to do what? When? Put my feet in where?"
"You must be smoking' Peyote or something, out of your mind...
probably a whole herd of great white sharks living' in there!"

About the time that I thought the fear factor had diminished,
Out of the brush came some yahoos on a bicycle built for two.
My equine partner grabbed up a huge batch of "gone"
Cuz one of 'em had an umbrella and the other a kazoo.

well at last my brown-eyed-baby-boy gave a big sigh of relief
As we approached some downed logs all arranged in a line.
We stepped over'em, backed through then side-stepped out,
With the pride of success, we did one, and in record time.

When we finished the day, my now calmer new trail horse,
dove quickly into the horse trailer with his tail still in a knot.
And although we had a great time and we stayed together,
I'm fairly certain that tomorrow there's no way he'll be caught.


                  THE TRIO'S TRIAL OF TRAIL
                         by SANDY WRIGHT

While embarking out for 2000and8, I told my friends,"Wow, this sure will be great!"
So what will we do on this Trial of Trail? I do not know, but we better not fail!

The Trio of girls, we got dressed for the battle, we shined up our silver and grabbed the best saddle.
We put on our chaps and grabbed a new hat, we curried our horse and began to chat.

We pondered the question of what was in store, we practiced and rode-it was never a bore.

There were gates to open, logs to drag, jumps to hurdle and a jig-n-a jag.
We went up hills and down hills and rode through streams, we rode along the river and down through the trees.
A bad day we never did make, even that cold one we rode in the lake.
There were days we showed up with snow on the ground,"Onward," we said and our hooves did pound.

We won prizes and ribbons and even a lamp. We had fun and drank beer at our little ole camp.
Now us 3 girls we look back with a chuckle. Pleased, that we all 3 won a new buckle!



We got Ziggy at two because he liked to buck.
I said "great another ranch horse I can't ride, just me luck."
After 5 years of hard ranch work my husband said to me,
"Time for you to ride him, he'll fit you to a T",
I stomped and kicked and said "No Way!"
He said "You'll be glad you did and ride him all day!"
Now I look back and I say with a chuckle,
"You are right honey, I just won my first buckle".



When I was a child on the ranch, only three,
My granddad gave my first horse to me.

The buckaroos from up north had roped her mom in the corral,
And sure enough the mare broke her neck when she fell.

In those days, the cowboys would never ride a mare,
So the yellow filly she left went to the first kid who would care.

Thank God I was in the door yard that day
Asking over and over, "Grandpa, she's mine, okay?"

Raised up on a bottle, she was mine thirty three years,
And thoughts of our rides still bring me to tears.

I know, a horse's color doesn't matter the years since those days, in the back of my mind,
I had a notion another big, gentle palomino, I'd find.

Then along came Chuck........
Over and over he caught my eye at each rodeo
As round the warmup pen the  palomino would go.

As a colt Chuck took a lot of warming up knew if you didn't, he really would buck.
Chuck was a paint, with no paint color of course,
Soon became the well known palamino rope horse.

It took three years
But...I bought him for John, the big yellow head horse
And the pair had fun and won some of course.
But...Chuck got older and really sore one day,
So John moved on to a grey mare to stay.

But, I got Chuck..... day, I hauled to a Trail Trial at Washoe Valley.
"My God," I said, "This is right up our alley."
Ropes, slickers, gates, goats, portapotty dismount too,
All things we've always done, things that we knew.
I started thinking, what fun, this palamino has fulfilled my desire,
But...Chuck was thinking, Trail Trials is where all rope horses ought to retire.


ZEPHYR               by Megan

Zephyr, like Nevada weather, it always surprises me when you change for the better.
Because of this, I will love you forever.



by Nancy

For years I searched high and low
    For a palomino horse fit to show.

Then when buying hay one day
     Laxagues had one for sale-Hooray!

Blondie and I fit together like a glove,
     She's a wonderful mare that I just love.

On trail rides we rode past llamas and goats
     Crossed over bridges and braved noisy coats.

She took me through gates, steady and true
     And even crossed creeks a time or two.

Blondie deserves first place for the year
     And in my heart I will hold her dear!


By Kate

Snickers, a great companion, with a heart of gold.
This mare takes me where I want and need to go.
I love this mare, and I am glad to share an award with her.
Her strong will and goofy personality is all I need.